Inktec DTF Film


An ideal hot peel DTF film to use with DTF printers to create a soft, flexible finish on textiles and other media.

Achieve a soft, supple finish on textiles and other media with this Hot Peel DTF Film. The perfect heat transfer film, resistant to high temperatures for the ideal transfer of graphic.
This film is ideal for faster production and works equally well for warm / cold peel too. It’s consistent quality and coating, which is anti-static treated ensures no powder is left on the film. It is also high ink loading to deliver premium matte, high resolution, vivid colours with no oil.

Ideally used with InkTec DTF ink and specialist DTF powder to create the ideal heat transfer onto a variety of media and various textile materials. Works well across a variety of media: synthetic fabrics, cotton, linen, eco-leather and more.

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