We create a new culture of humankind and the future of our customers by developing new paper that embraces the past, present, and future.

 ERP system in the papermaking industry of Korea and is fulfilling its role as a leading papermaker in Korea. Also, for sustainable growth and to move forward to become a world-renowned papermaker, we put in place four business principles – ‘customer-oriented, new values, better method, competitive advantage through differentiation’ – and three organizational principles – ‘immersion, transparency, and speed’.

Customer-Oriented: Always being customer-oriented

New Values:New values determine the future.

Better Method:Our method is the better method.

Competitive advantage through differentiation:Differentiated competitive
advantages is our survival strategy.

We hope visitors of the Museum SAN will enjoy a wonderful rest and freedom for mind and body away from the busy city life and experience a creative inspiration in the union of nature and culture.

Cost efficient Available in rolls of up to 3.28m in width

SUBLI-MATE Eco is a cost efficient solution. It delivers excellent drying speed and can be applied to various applications such as fashion, soft signage and home textile. Eco is available in rolls of up to 3.28 meters in width.


Basis Weight (g/m2)


38,45, 50, 70, 95


44, 64

Color White
End Uses Sublimation paper for home textile, fashion and signage