‘SubliNova’ is the brand name of InkTec’s dye sublimation ink.

This name is derived from the words ‘Sublimation’ and ‘Innovation’.

Nova means ‘new star’, which reflects our desire to become a new star-player in the worldwide sublimation market.

SubliNova is easily recognisable as a sublimation ink whilst also highlighting the innovation that went into producing it.

The blue logo is the corporate color of InkTec and using this keeps up our brand identity.

The magenta symbolizes the modern futuristic nature of the SubliNova ink.

Featurese and benefits

• Particle structure stability
• Inks that perform exceptionally well in high speed printers
• Minimised friction through print heads
• Both direct and transfer printing
• High chromatic performances

High performance digital sublimation ink

SubliNova offers vibrant colors when used for transfer printing of polyester textiles with excellent jetting performance.

Excellent fastness properties

SubliNova shows excellent properties when used for printing polyester and poly-blend fabrics, with excellent wash and light fastness, resistance to acid & alkali perspiration and dry & wet crock fastness.

Eco Friendly

SubliNova series are environmentally friendly products using only high-class dyes and its excellent quality has been proved by an international testing agency.

All SubliNova series are free from fomaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and compliance with RoHS.


SubliNova Smart can be used with both direct printing on fabrics and traditional heat transfer process with transfer paper. It has superior printing quality in various printing environments as well as jetting stability in long term printing with various printers on the market


∙● Fast drying time on transfer paper

∙● Enhanced productivity 

∙● Universal for both direct and transfer printing 

∙● Intense and vibrant colors.  Superior fastness properties

∙● Received the International Oeko-Tex® Association’s Eco Passport certification      Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport 

∙● Environmentally friendly: Free from formaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and compliance with RoHS 


∙● Mimaki JV4-130/ 160/ 180, JV-22, JV33-160A ∙● Roland FP-740, FJ-740 ∙● Roland hi-fi jet Pro II 540/ 640, FJ-500/ 600 Mutoh VJ-1604/ 1614Pro(Aqua)(Available W/O card chip) ∙● Mutoh RJ-900/ 900C, VJ-1204/ 1304 ∙● Mutoh falcon RJ-8000 Series/ RJ-8100 ∙● Epson Stylus Pro 4000/ 7000/ 7400/ 7600/ 7800/ 7880/ 9000 ∙● Epson Stylus Pro 9400/ 9500/ 9600/ 9800/ 9880



SubliNova, InkTec’s dye sublimation ink that presents the highest printing quality, was developed from many years’ of knowledge of ink development, cutting-edge equipment, and technology. The dispersed dye in the ink is evenly distributed and enables rich color expression, and the ink fluidity is excellent to enable stable printing ability in different environments. Furthermore, SubliNova sublimation ink uses harmless environmentally-friendly dyes, and has been certified as environment friendly from an international test agency. Specially, SubliNova HI-liTE achieves Eco Passport by       Oeko-Tex® Association, which means that it has no harmful effects on human health and the environment.