UvioNova Superior UV inks for roll-to-roll and hybrid printersLED UV Inks for Epson PrintheadsThe UvioNova series is InkTec’s latest innovative range of UV inks, which has been developed based on years of UV ink manufacturing experience. It has been specifically created to be used across various applications utilizing the many differentiated characteristics required for UV inks, such as vivid color and superior adhesion to various materials. InkTec’s continuous R&D investment, thorough manufacturing process and strict quality control will ensure that UvioNova will consistently deliver.


More than just being completely compatible with the leading Roll-to-Roll printers, these UV inks have great durability and excellent colour development for indoor and outdoor applications.

InkTec UV inks are perfect for both indoor and outdoor printing and feature many benefits including a superior UV resistance, high color concentration and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of media. They also offer a fast drying time, wide color gamut and high density which delivers enhanced printing productivity. Furthermore, these inks are suitable for use on a wide range of both coated and uncoated roll media, such as Flex, PVC and also vinyl and rigid substrates such as ACM, formex, coro-plastic, acrylic, glass and foam PVC.

This is a quality alternative LED UV ink for Epson Printheads which offer a bright and vibrant colour gamut, with excellent glossy finish and media adhesion. Specifically developed as a soft type of UV ink for Epson head roll-to-roll and hybrid printers. It has a super-fast cure, for high production output with a high white opacity. It is also benefits from an easy switch over, with a plug & play ability while also being extremely competitive on price.

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications due to their light fastness and superior UV resistance.

Features & Benefits




Colours & Sizes

Colours Model name
1L pack 1L bottle
 K (Black) - SE-B01KB
 C (Cyan) - SE-B01KC
 M (Magenta) - SE-B01KM
 Y (Yellow) - SE-B01KY
 LC (Light Cyan) - SE-B01KLC
 LM (Light Magenta) - SE-B01KLM
White - SE-B01KW